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Fire protection is less and less left to chance. Events of fire with catastrophic consequences and our constantly growing need for safety result in ever rising expectations of fire protection in both new and existing buildings. Modern architectural projects require creative fire protection concepts. Often, their effectiveness can only be proven with the aid of the fire protection engineering methods.

In this context, there is also an increasing interest in consistently implementing measures agreed on in the fire safety concept and in terms of quality ordered by the client. In addition to this trend towards enhanced quality assurance in fire protection, the issue of the most suitable integrated interaction of measures relevant for fire protection moves into focus among the parties involved in the building process. All of these factors contribute to a greater demand for professional advice on fire protection. 

“Inspiring outstanding performance. Innovative for tomorrow’s world.” Following this vision of Gruner Group, all members of staff involved in fire protection comply not only with increasing demand but also with higher expectations. 



The Gruner Group , headquartered in Basel, is a byword for construction services that set benchmarks in terms of quality. Founded over 150 years ago, Gruner now has more than 30 locations in Switzerland and all over the world. Expertise, knowledge and experience gained over many years of involvement in complex construction projects both in Switzerland and abroad are what sets the Gruner Group apart.

The interdisciplinary collaboration among the Group companies and the innovative mindset of its qualified and dedicated staff guarantee customized solutions for demanding construction projects.