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Gruner Group companies in Germany and Austria form part of the Gruner Gruppe with its headquarters in Basel (CH). The Group stands for top quality building services. Founded well over 150 years ago Gruner Group boasts well over 30 locations in Switzerland and around the world.

Competence, expert know-how and many years of experience with complex building projects at home and abroad are the distinguishing features of Gruner Group.

Interdisciplinary collaboration among the Group’s firms and innovative approaches of its qualified and committed staff guarantee customer-specific solutions for sophisticated building projects.

With is bases in Basel and Zurich, Gruner Group locations in Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Vienna underline its successful development in the area of fire protection. As a result, our clients in Switzerland, Germany and Austria benefit from the fast, flexible and personal customer support provided by our fire protection experts.

Ownership structure

Gruner Group companies in Germany and Austria are subsidiaries of Gruner AG, headquartered in Switzerland. The Group acts  independently of any banks, commercial and financial groups and suppliers.

Client segments

General contractors, general planners, architects, public and private builders

Competencies in fire protection


  • fire protection consultation and support across all project phases
  • fire protection concept design including fire protection plans
  • fire prevention audits
  • expert opinions on fire protection
  • pedestrian flow analyses and evacuation simulations
  • fire simulations (CFD)
  • structural fire design
  • fire alarm controls
    (planning, tests, commissioning, recurring inspections)
  • calibrated smoke experiments
  • fire-fighting plans
  • Escape and evacuation plans, Fire safety regulations
  • evacuation exercises
  • Education and seminars
  • training of fire protection assistants
  • fire extinguisher exercises
  • Thermische Bauphysik
  • Bauakustik
  • Schallimmissionsschutz
  • Raumakustik
  • Bautenschutz
  • Blower-Door Test
  • Schwingungs- und Erschütterungsschutz

Your contact for Germany
Your contact for Switzerland

The Gruner Group , headquartered in Basel, is a byword for construction services that set benchmarks in terms of quality. Founded over 150 years ago, Gruner now has more than 30 locations in Switzerland and all over the world. Expertise, knowledge and experience gained over many years of involvement in complex construction projects both in Switzerland and abroad are what sets the Gruner Group apart.

The interdisciplinary collaboration among the Group companies and the innovative mindset of its qualified and dedicated staff guarantee customized solutions for demanding construction projects.