Building operations may be subject to fire safety regulations. This tends to be based on specifications according to building law and health and safty regulations.

The fire safety regulations include information on and procedures to follow in cases of fire aimed at specific buildings, listing all tactical and organizational measures. They also include guidelines and regulations to observe as regard fire prevention and fire-fighting as well as what to do after accidents, cases of fire or other damages. The Code thus links operational and construction based fire protection in one object with the fire-fighting of the fire-brigades.

Depending on the type and usage of a building, it may be necessary to draft fire safety regulations according to DIN 14096 (parts A, B and C). While part A briefly describes correct behavior in the event of a fire and is usually on display jointly with escape and rescue plans, part B is primarily and for the purpose of prevention, directed at staff, giving information about fireproof operations.  Part C features details for members of staff with special fire protection duties. Buildings with increased risk have an appointed fire protection officer.

Gruner creates a fire safety regulation specifically suited for your requirements as an operator, giving consideration to any building specifics and your operational needs. The fire safety regulation is drafted in cooperation with competent authorities.