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Evacuation Concept

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other legal regulations, the employer is obliged to draw up an evacuation concept (often also called evacuation plan) for the building. The requirement to provide the evacuation concept can also result from a fire protection concept or a building permit. Evacuation concepts may be particularly necessary in buildings with large numbers of people, such as schools, event locations and canteens. In the evacuation concept, the operator describes the boundary conditions and defines the resulting measures and procedures. Several different scenarios which may result in the necessity for evacuation include:

  • Fire
  • Bomb Threat
  • Discovery of unknown objects
  • Murderous frenzy
  • Power failure
  • Dangers of infection

As part of the evacuation concept, the resources available for the individual officials are described and the assembly point is defined. An evacuation concept also always contains instructions for repatriation. A special element of the evacuation concept is the training courses in which the concept is explained to the employees in detail.

Gruner's experts provide support in obtaining the necessary database and documents as well as support in drawing up the evacuation concept and moderate discussions with the relevant authorities. The relevant authorities must be involved as experts in the respective scenarios.

If necessary, the evacuation concepts can also be verified by means of computer simulations. Real-life exercises are also carried out and accompanied and evaluated by Gruner.


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