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Fire Water Retention System

In the event of an incident occurring (whether it be by fault or due to fire), contaminated extinguishing water can pollute the environment. To reduce the likelihood of such an occurrence different regulations exist which apply to a given building based on its classification. In most cases, the specifications for planning the retention of firefighting water systems are also determined by the approval authorities. Gruner develops project-specific fire water retention concepts in consultation with the experts involved in the planning of the project as well as, the client, relevant authorities and the fire department. The following rule and regulations form the basis of the concept:

  • Guideline for the dimensioning of fire water retention systems for the storage of water-polluting substances (Fire-fighting water retention guideline - LöRüRL) • VDS 2557 Planning and installation of fire water retention systems • VCI Guideline Fire Water Retention (Chemical Industry) The following topics are implemented in the course of the planning process:
  • Risk assessment to determine the type and scope of the required fire water retention measures
  • Practical and conservative estimation of the volume to be withheld using recognized methods
  • Documentation of the fire water retention concept as part of the fire protection concept or as a supplement to the fire protection concept

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